Vision & Values


Our vision is to instil green consciousness and environment
awareness in every individual.


  • Constantly striving to better what’s best
  • Break routine, make a novel
  • Encouraging creativity in solution providing
Green Footprint:

  • Always keeping environment preservation and safety in mind
  • Following the mantra “REDUCE-REFUSE-REUSE-RECYCLE” even in everyday life
Customer Centric:

  • Bringing the customer Delight, not just Satisfaction
  • Building long-term relationships
  • A Happy Customer is a Loyal Customer

  • Focus on organization quality, performance excellence and continuous
  • Encouraging participatory work environment

Mission –¬†providing green solutions to everyday needs

Green Line Works’ earnest mission is to make every individual act consciously and responsibly towards their environment by opting for globe-friendly disposable products. We are committed to achieving our goal of making the planet a truly safe haven for one and all, and have taken the first step toward this by introducing our reasonable and 100% compostable alternatives to plastic straws, cups and other daily use items.

Green Line Works is committed to constantly designing and delivering “envirosafe”, attractive and practical solutions to day-to-day requirements of disposable cutlery that won’t harm the ecosystem and is 100% biodegradable and safe to use. Our pledge is to eliminate usage of products that are harmful to the ecology and replace them with reliable and nontoxic items that can be used sans any guilt.

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About Ark Agarwal

Infectious energy, youthful zest & drive to learn through volunteering are the essence that sums up Ark - the Young Turk!

Coming from a management background, it is not easy in many instances to have the resolve to get down and get your hands dirty by doing the routine. Ark earned his worth by demonstrating exactly that with a steely resolve yet fun-loving attitude.

About PCPL

Parag Copigraph Pvt. Ltd. (PCPL) is the parent company of Green Line Works and is an industry veteran in speciality paper manufacturing business. The company makes innovative and durable products in various forms that include ECO-SHIELD paper - barrier coated paper (100% grease-proof, mousture-proof and heat sealable as well as recyclable), Carbonless paper (one of the pioneers in the country to introduce this product way back in 1997 which is a flagship product for the company), Thermal Paper (highest contributor to the company's turnover, having a PAN-India presence as well as demand), Colour paper etc.

The idea for starting Green Line Works was a natural progression, given the rich expertise gained from 20+ years of experience in the paper industry as well as the wherewithal and knowhow of the business, consumer trends and market mapping.